Anatomy of The SWTOR Account Scam  

                                                                                                    How The Scam Works

Have you been scammed by AMKSED -  Anthony Kresse?  Do you have information that will help avoid others being victimized?  Let me know, I am trying to gather information on what happened, who did what and how to keep others from being harmed by the perpetrator…..

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What Happened:
Earlier in 2014, I decided to venture into playing BioWare's SWTOR ( StarWars The Old Republic) online game.  I had little knowledge of the game and none with regard to how one sets up an SWTOR account. A quick look at the Internet revealed sources to buy an account already up and running and looked like a good way to get a little head start so I could catch up with friends.  I chose to purchase an account offered on with an account name of AMKSED.  I didn't even know what the account name meant.  After some consideration, I determined that the transaction would be secure and proceeded with the purchase, acquiring the account with a logon name of AMKSED.

I played the game for a period of time until I suddenly found I had no access to the account.  Discussions with BioWare staff indicated that the original owner had taken SWTOR account back, a policy BioWare enforces even in the face of online fraud.  I was out the account and all the effort I had put into it.

What Came Next:
Some research and some out of the norm help from BioWare helped me determine that account moniker AMKSED belonged to one Anthony Kresse of Sedalia, MO.  According to BioWare, he was the original owner of the account.  I also got an address for Mr. Kresse.  Since the implication was that the account had been hijacked (stolen) rather than sold, I proceeded to work on who had sold it through PlayerAuctions, believing that the seller would likely be the scammer who had undoubtedly stolen the account from Mr. Kresse.  I considered contacting the original owner, Anthony Kresse, to let him know what had happened to his account and to make sure he knew I hadn't stolen his account.

After some digging, nagging and coercing, I was able to get from PlayerAuctions information indicating that the person who listed the account for sale was named Anthony Kresse with an address that matched that of the original owner.  There was further indication that the funds were dispersed to the same person, though I couldn't determine the method.  It looked like the original owner and the seller was the same person and that should mean that the original owner was that scammer.  Sure, he thought he was operating with complete anonymity, but don't you have to be a little dense to believe that you have complete confidentiality online?

The Questions:
Based on what I believe I have uncovered so far, I have the following questions.  I have tried to contact Anthony Kresse to get some of these questions answered, but he hasn't responded to my inquires.  Some of these questions have obvious answers and some require more information.  Do you have answers to some of these questions?  If so, let me know.

  • Are AMKSED and Anthony Kresse one and the same?  It would seem so as the online moniker is often associated with the name and there doesn't seem to be any other name ever associated with AMKSED.
  • Does AMKSED as used by Anthony Kresse stand for Anthony Michael Kresse of SEDalia, MO?
  • Is the AMKSED who defrauded me online the same AMKSED (Anthony Kresse) who is or claims to be a Deputy Sheriff in Pettis County, MO. PCSD?  It looks like it me, because they all have used the same address in Sedalia, MO.
  • Is it Anthony Kresse, the Deputy Sheriff, who says online, "Over 70% of all downloaded rap is done by white people? Yeah....because black people steal it."  I tend to believe it is, based on the information I have observed and the other potentially racist statements that can be attributed to AMKSED.
  • If this is the Anthony Kresse who goes by the moniker AMKSED who loves the idea of referring to some young black people as "nigglets", would you want him on the street allegedly protecting all citizens?  Do you think he could be fair and impartial?
  • Is this the same Anthony Kresse who refers to black people protesting in St Louis as "retards"?
  • Was AMKSED (Anthony Kresse) permanently banned from an online game forum for violating its anti-racism policy?
  • Is this the same Anthony Kresse who brags online that he is a crime fighter by day and a criminal by night?
  • Is it Deputy Sheriff Anthony Kresse who refers to women as "cunt" in his online banter?  He uses that same moniker and refers to himself as a Deputy Sheriff.  If so, wouldn't you like your mother, sister or daughter to be stopped by him?
  • Was this Anthony Kresse discharged from the Navy after a minor injury because his character was incompatible with a Navy career?  In this time of difficult recruitment, the military services work to keep good people in service by redirecting them to other jobs if necessary.  I believe it is unlikely that they would force someone to accept a discharge for a minor injury unless (as is their policy) that person is not otherwise suitable.  I guess a person not suitable for continued military service could be suitable as a Deputy Sheriff, or could they?
  • If all of this is as it might appear and AMKSED is the Anthony Kresse who makes seemingly racist statements and shows little or no regard for women or others and who has run a petty scam over the internet, doesn't it make one really nervous to think he might be a Deputy Sheriff entrusted with fairly upholding the law?

Don't you think police officers should be feared BY criminals, not AS criminals?

Anthony Kresse, I understand that you have now read this.  Instead of trying to hide your tracks around the internet, contact me and make this right.  It's that simple.  If you are the big deputy sheriff you brag about being and you know you have done this, you also know you can't lie your way out of this.  Just step up, be a man and make it right and let the problem go away: