About Sea Change:

June 29, 2015

In 2011, the US Department of Defense released a report that documented the most dire, long term threat to the United States. This threat was not the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, cyber or space wars, or the rising power of China. Instead, the defense analysts found world climate change posed the most significant threat to our security. Despite this stark warning, conservative politicians and talking heads continue to defy humanity’s contribution to climate change. The public and our leaders remain polarized, even as the impacts of climate change are increasingly understood by the world’s scientists. While the Roman Catholic Pope has recently challenged world leaders to act, most of us are mesmerized by a staged, fallacious debate over how quickly and severely the changes will affect our way of life. Sea Change — Denied Consequences entwines the hard science of climate change with an action packed, character driven thriller that draws the reader to the heart of this debate while asking what should one do with information that transforms our reality.


    In Sea Change – Denied Consequences, polar winds score the Arctic Ice Cap as a Pentagon funded research team prepares to report conclusively on climate change’s shocking advance. Below, a Russian submarine eavesdrops. The team is attacked with military precision as Lt. Col. Jim Slater, charged with updating the Pentagon’s Climate Change Threat Assessment, waits for its report. One researcher, Manny Morales, survives. Trusting no one, Manny travels to Seattle to contact Sophia, his sister and only living relative. Believing Manny dead, Sophia, a renowned climate modeler, is drawn into an industry plot to substantiate false rate-of-change data while Congressional leaders bend to their supporters and thrash about perpetuating the status quo. Killings punctuate the corporate conspiracy’s unraveling, and Russia takes matters into its own hands. Jim learns from Sophia that Manny is alive and has the data. He flies to Seattle to accompany them back to the safety of Washington DC. All three are met with kidnap and murder, as they wrestle with how and when to tell their secret.


    Sea Change Denied Consequences, at 88,988 words, is the first book in a planned trilogy. The second book will be available in 2016. Sea Change was born from an executive management career, during which I was responsible for various California environmental programs. As such, I have experienced firsthand the impacts special interests can have in muting scientific based decisions that can improve public health and the environment. I hold a Bachelor of Science and advanced degree, and while a prolific writer within my profession, this is my first commercial novel. I hope you enjoy the first three chapters and will want to read the rest of the novel.

    T. N. Rauh


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